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Sunset Champagne Cruises with San Diego Sailing Tours

The City of San Diego presents many opportunities for those who enjoy the sun’s rays and warm water. Perhaps even more specifically, the city gives locals many options for wining and dining a date. The naturally romantic settings make San Diego sailing tours perfect for those in love.


There is nothing better way to delight a partner than scheduling a surprise date on a sailboat. Fun Cat Sailing out of San Diego has many different sailboat tours to choose from. Fun Cat offers low rates combined with amazing views, and fun tour packages.

About the Champagne Sunset Twilight Sailing Tours

Most of the sunset San Diego sailing tours happen between 2:30 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. However, you can ask about special custom times if that time frame doesn’t suit what you’re looking for. The tour costs about $80 per person and provides champagne, sailing along the coastline of the city, and the opportunity to view many sea creatures.

Whether you book the Champagne Sunset Twilight Sailing tour or customize your own, you can create nearly any type of environment you would like on the sailboat. Even if you forget the blankets, sunglasses or other typical sailing gear, the sailboat already has plenty of extras to supply guests with. Being comfortable and enjoying the sightseeing is what helps create the romantic atmosphere.

While sipping on champagne and enjoying the snacks provided, Fun Cat Sailing creates the perfect romantic setting. You can even have your experience customized to suit your needs with San Diego sailing tours. By adding candles and flowers, your date setting will be complete.

Why Choose Fun Cat Sailing for a Romantic Date

Those who have been through Fun Cat Sailing for a tour have been able to view whales, sea lions and dolphins in their natural settings. The San Diego Harbor always tends to have plenty of sea life which is why it is such a desirable place for sailing. The tours offered by Fun Cat are scheduled during the peaks of the day so that the possibility of beautiful sunsets, cool breezes, and smooth sailing can be expected.

San Diego sailing tours are a unique way to venture the coastline. Rather than trying to rent a boat for personal use, try Fun Cat Sailing. A tour through Fun Cat Sailing not only comes at a low per person fee, but you will be accompanied by a tour guide. You will be cared for by staff and not have to worry about sailing the boat yourself or where to go along the coastline.

Whether it’s a much needed date night with the wife, a first date, a blind date, or a planned proposal through Fun Cat Sailing is the perfect way to wine and dine.The breathtaking views and the smell of ocean water provide a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere, while the details of the sailboat tour provide the romanticized settings. Your date will be absolutely delighted with the tour and possibly surprised that you thought of such a unique, romantic date.

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