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5 Best Places in USA for Stargazing

It is arouses such an amazing feeling to experience the at most brilliance of a “starry night” sky is no longer what a call a “given” when you happen to step outside. It does not matter whether you are observing the moon, constellation and the planets.

Even on the most quiet and clearer nights, the artificial lights from the modern cities obscure natural darkness, making the night skies look a bit majestic than they usually look.

Well, from my travel around the world I have gathered a list of the best celestial shows, brought to you by nature.

Talk about the vastness of the wilderness, and what have you. Now, let’s gaze at the following jaw-droopingly stunning stargazing sites in America.

Cherry spring’s state park

It is found in Pennsylvania, one of the darkest places in the east of Mississippi, this park became certified by the gold- certified international dark sky park. It’s one of the few parks that earns the country money.

Although it is found around urban centres, this amazing park was built on top of the hill and is surrounded by the Susquehannock state forest that is approximately 262000 acre.

The best thing about the cherry spring’s state park is that it offers a 360 degrees stunning view of the clear night that is ski free.

Big pine key, FLA

This particular site is the home the deer wildlife refuge. It is an island that is approximately hundred miles from Miami.

It is away from the common artificial lights in order to accommodate the sea turtles. Winter is the best time to witness the Southern Cross constellation. Big pine key is one of the few spots in America to watch the beautiful constellation.

Socorro County, N.M

It was discovered as an astronomic jewel even before New Mexico voters decided to pass the “night sky protection” act in the year 1999.

It is the perfect place to see clear nights because it is always dry.

The Magdalena ridge is also one of the highest observatory in the US that allows the public to witness the enchanted skies.

Natural bridges national monument, Utah

The natural bridges national monument is approximately 7500 in the southern part of Utah. It was named the first international dark sky park in the year 2008.

The park is actually a long way from any place. The park is also surrounded by 3 plateaus that are separated by a bluff and Blanding.

You can visit the natural bridges from May through to September. There are a lot of fun educational programs that are offered here, annually.

Mauna Kea

Found on the big island, Hawaii, Mauna Kea is roughly 13800 foot volcano and also the highest point in Hawaii. It is also the home to the worlds most advanced astronomical centres.

Most astronomers have claimed that Mauna Kea is the best stargazing site on the planet. The site is pollution free because Hawaii is strategically located i.e. in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

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